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The Power of Practice

Science has shown if we’re going to become remarkable

performers we have to learn to practice.


Practice is the key to remarkable performance 

“no matter how good you become,you can always get better”















David Beckham, for example, would take a football to the local park in East London and kick it from the same spot for hour upon hour.” His dedication was breathtaking” his father has said. “It sometimes seemed that he lived on the local field ”


Beckham concurs ” My secret is practice. I have always believed that if you want to achieve anything special in life you have to work , and then work some more ”If you want to achieve the same kind of success, you have to work like crazy regardless of your background , genes , colour or creed.













Deliberate Practice


If you think that term suggests that we’re talking about something beyond normal practice, you’re right. When most people practice, they focus on the things they can do effortlessly. Expert practice is different. It entails considerable, specific and sustained efforts to do something you can’t do well – or even at all. Only by working at what you can’t do, turns you into the expert you want to become.


In the words of Matthew Syed , author of Bounce - How Champions are Made, “The practice sessions of aspiring champions have a specific purpose: progress . Every second of every minute of every hour, the goal is to extend one’s body and mind, to push oneself beyond the outer limit’s of one’s capacities, to engage so deeply in the task that one leaves the training session, literally, a changed person. ”Theses are truly the 24/7 athlete. Eating , breathing and sleeping their passion 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.It’s not hard to figure out why the crowd is small at the top of any given mountain.











It is practice, not talent, that holds the key to success.

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