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The Tec4 philosophy is based on the premise that the ability to improve and develop should be available to all. Attaining technical excellence can be achieved within a disciplined , structured and progressional environment.


We believe the limiting factor to be the player themselves.





Tec4 players and staff use these core values to guide decision-making and planning so we can achieve our mission:


Integrity:   keep promises, be unselfish, take pride in your work, be aware of how your words and actions impact others


Growth - set goals, plan, be curious, push yourself outside your comfort zone, embrace the opportunity to learn each day


Persistence - understand there is not progress without struggle, you must fail to develop, don’t be afraid to lose, think  long-term, compete, seek new challenges


Science - base decisions and planning on solid evidence, do your own research, quantify performance, test new theories


Leadership - see yourself as a role model, set an example, be others-focused, value relationships, communicate  effectively, treat others with respect

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