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Technique and Skills

Our Online Technical Training Programme has been designed to ensure players, parents, coaches and teachers have constant access to the detail behind what helps make a great footballer. 


It is vital that a footballer can handle the ball in many different situations on a football pitch. The detail behind these techniques that will be used in these situations is what makes Tec4tekkers a standout resource. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each Technique has the movement broken down into easy to follow steps so players can practice these for as long as they want. 


In order to ensure a player can then perform these techniques in a more demanding environment, the player must practise these in a skill-based environment. The different drills we have on our website allows players to develop with a coach, friend or parent. The drills can easily be used in the garden with a small number of players or taken to the training ground and used by a coach or teacher with a larger group of players.  


Our programme will allow players to build up from simple technical work to a more exposed environment where they can develop this technique and attempt to fulfil their own potential. 

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